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Higher Secondary

"The Future Depends onwhat You Do Toady"  ---  Mahatma Gandhi

Mauni school is known for it's substantial foundation of IIT, JEE / NEET, IISc. Participating and preparing for exams like NTSE, NSO, IMO, Cyber Olympaid etc. Helps in developement of students IQ, logical and anaylitical thinking from young age. It infuses a healthy competitive spirit through reward based assessment.

Don't wait until you reach your goal Be proud of every step you take

Achivement of the goal is a lgendary moment but true legend is one whotakes pride in every step for achivement

Learning Gives Creativity, Creativity Leads to Thinking, Thinking Provides Knowledge, Knowledge Makes You Great. - APJ Abdul Kalam 

Group discussion encourage systematic and purposeful oral process characterized by the formal and structured exchange of views.