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Our Strategy

Our Stratergy

It is the need of the Hour Education system today should be able to groom the child holistically, with balance in human values, sanskar, Life skills, Scientific attitude and society responsible. they become innovative, creative appreciative about self and society, knowledgeable, helpful and ethical person in all walks of life.

 Mauni International School utilized the best in Infracture and technology in oreder to educate their students. we delivered high Quality of academic and soft skill knowledge through methods of project work, acivity bades learning and co-carricular acivities.

We at Mauni International Schools under take acivities that can develope fundamental human qualities of tolerance and compassion, this would help students to find the meaning and sense of direction in life. it is important that students become good human beings along with being sucessful professionals in life

"Where Sculpture is to a block of marble, Education is to human soul" --- Joseph Addison