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Primary & Secondary


"Joy is found when you focus on your energy in improving, Human Dignity, Human Capacity and Human Values. It adds to your Energy, Strength, Beauty, Mind, Power And Soul''

Student's life revolves around academic activities and score good grades. Several school based stress management and wellness program have been encouraged to promote healthy  living in students, have gained benefit at our School.

To be a great champion, you must believe,  you are the best, If you are not, Keep on Trying.

'' Survival of fittest'' as "Selfdefence is  natures eldest law"

At Mauni International martial art programs takes a psitive,structured approch to teaching students of all ages.

Art Inspires, Art is an Aspire, Are Allows to be Free.

The Place where your all the rawmaterial are explore and empress their innate talent. the room has rich collection of art work of students display.

Music is a world, with a laungauge, we all understand. areas where Era of Melody starts.

Music Hall: A well equipped music hall provides a variety of instruments including guitars, keyboard, violins, drumset, harmonium and tables for students inclined towards both wesrern and eastern music.


Co - Curricular Acivities

  •  Celebration 
    • Welcome Ceremony ( First Day of The School)
    • Vidhya Arambh Sanskar
    • Guru Purnima Celebration 
    • Rakshabandhan Celebration
    • Ganesh Utsav
    • Janmashtami celebration 
    • Independance Day Celebration 
    • Navratri Celebration 
    • Diwali Celebration
  • Competitions
    • ​​​​​​​Miss Gorma & Mr. Kesariya Competition 
    • Best Radha Krishna Competition
    • Traditional Dress Competition
    • Drawing Competition
    • Handwriting Cometition
    • Fancy Dress Competition
    • Recitation Competition,
    • Christmas Day Celebration
    • Sports Day Celebration
    • Fruit Day celebration 
    • Picnic with Mothers and Kids
    • Republic Day
    • Green Day (Vegetable Day)
    • Annual Day
    • Holi Celebration
    • Community Helpers Day
  • Super Saturday Acitivity
    • Counting Acitivity 
    • Sand Tray Activity 
    • Puppet Show
    • Movie day
    • Winter Game Day
    • Motor Nerve Skill
    • Life Skill Activity
    • Clay Work Activity
    • Rain Day 
    • Maths and Science Activity
    • Find Vowel From News Paper